By using the latest tools, we provide you with all tyre replacement, tyre puncture and wheel alignment services under one roof.
Our trained mechanics can repair the tyres and align wheels.
For better mileage and safety of your vehicle, your tyres must have correct pressure and even treads. Under-inflated tyres, uneven treads are dangerous for your safety.

Our skilled mechanics check your tyres pressure, tread width and take corrective measures. We puncture under-inflated tyres, replace bald tyres and realign your tyres parallel to each other. We check the homogeneity of both frontal and rear tyres.

In case of any discrepancies observed between frontal and rear tyres, we exchange heterogeneous frontal and rear tyres with each other.
We rotate and balance your tyres thus stop dangerous vibrations.

We offer following tyre services

  • Tyre puncture and repairing
  • Wheel alignment
  • Tyre replacement

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